Hiking, kayaking and a night at sea


Hiking, kayaking and a night at seaAfter an early start we climbed to one of the highest points on Cat Ba Island in the Cat Ba National Park. It was a steep climb with some scrambling, made harder by the heat and humidity.

We didn’t see any sort of wildlife, although apparently there are various species of monkey and other small mammals in the park. Once we’d reached the top of the climb there was a rusting metal lookout tower that allowed us to get an even better view of the surrounding landscape. The tower didn’t seem too safe, although it must have been there for years.

In the afternoon we boarded our boat once again. We were to spend the night on the boat in a nice little cabin. After cruising around the bay for a while, we were given the chance to paddle around in two man canoes. A cave led to a fully enclosed bay about 200 meters in diameter with steep limestone cliffs on all sides. It was a really fantastic place and floating around it was a great way to end the day. After dinner on the boat we sat on deck and had some drinks with other people we had met on the tour. I think this is the best day we’ve had in Vietnam.

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