“Gat Gu” Cakes – A Specialty Of Halong Bay


When referring to Halong Bay, Halong cruises come to your mind first. Apart from it, Halong food is also worth a taste. Halong Bay cuisine is staggering but if you just passing through and have to pick up a bite, here is what not to miss. One of the best ways to experience the potency of Halong food is digging into specialty. Gat gu cake is made of rice powder, visually it looks like rolled rice pancake (banh cuon). Cooking process is pretty complicated: soak a quantity of rice into water overnight, in the morning get it out from water and mash it powder. When grinding grain, add a handful of cooked rice. It makes gat gu cake tender and more porous.

Gat gu cake
Gat gu cake

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Cake makers have to measure an appropriate quantity of grain. Then pour the fluids into a flat dish and wrap it with green banana leaves. Gat gu cakes are served in a bowl with rice noodle soup, eating with fresh chili peppers, fresh herbs. This cake is perfect dish for winter days. Combination of savory soup and softness of cakes bring a new experience to your taste buds. “Gat gu” cakes not only tasty but also  good for health. Many say “gat gu” cakes, rice noodle soup are Halong’s specialty food.

Gat gu cake
Gat gu cake

Visitors can easily “gat gu” cakes in food stalls in Halong, however it doesn’t taste good as expectation. Only local people know where to eat delicious “gat gu” cakes.


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