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Bai Chay Beach


Bai Chay is a large, beautiful, artificial beach, closed to the coast of Halong Bay. The 100-meter-wide-sandy beach spans over 500 m. Early in the morning or in late afternoon, thousands of people liven up the atmosphere here.

The asphalt road winds its way through the white sandy beach and luxuriant casuarinas. The Hoàng Gia Tourism Company has invested in diverse services for tourists. The Bai Chay tourist site is fast changing into one of the most captivating of this kind in Halong City. It comprises restaurants, water puppet and traditional music theatres, Hoàng Gia Park, water-skiing, and sea motorcycling. The Hoàng Gia Park lines along the Hạlong road leading from the Bai Chay Tourist Wharf to the gate of the Halong Night Market.

Bai Chay beach
Bai Chay beach

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There are many legends associated with the name Bai Chay. According to one legend, when the fleet carrying food for the Yuan-Mongolian invaders led by Truong Van Ho came there, the Vietnamese troops and locals under the leadership of Tran Khanh Du set fire to it. The whole fleet was engulfed in fire. Meanwhile, the northeast wind blew hard and further added fuel to it. Fire was so fierce it burned down the forest in the western side of Cua Luc. Hence the name Bai Chay.

Another legend has it that the western side of Cua Luc used to be a wharf for seagoing boats. Acorn-barnacles firmly attached to these boats’ sides and underneath, and might wreck the boats. The local population had to use casuarinas leaves to burn acorn-barnacles. From Hon Gai and other neighboring places, people always see a blaze from there, so they called it Bai Chay.

Hanoi – Halong Bay Transfer Service


halong.holiday is a leading provider of Halong cruise trips. Besides, we pride ourselves on offering the best Halong Bay transfer service. Reliable, handy and comfortable car transfers booked via our secured website with an ease.

4 ways to transfer to Halong Bay from Hanoi

  • By halong.holiday transfer from Hanoi airport to Halong Bay, or from Hanoi center to Halong. It takes about 3 hours. Service and fee are upon your request.
  • By shuttle bus: Pick up & drop off you at your Hanoi hotel or around Hanoi Old Quarter. It takes about 4 hours pending on many stops.
  • By train: Take cargo train from Hanoi to Yen Vien and then to Quang Ninh province.
  • By open bus: Pick up & drop off at Bus Station. The ride is about 4 – 6 hours, and the bus will stop to pick you up.
Our vehicles are modern
Our vehicles are modern

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>> Quang Ninh closes Bai Chay Tourist Wharf

Our Fleet And Drivers

The majority of our cars are modern and operated by experienced drivers. All drivers are courteous and they know what excatly where they are going so you can get peace of mind. Each car is equipped with spacious space, air-conditioning, free bottles of water are available. You can relax in new, clean cars that are designed for your comfort.

Pick-up/Drop off time

Pick up and drop off time are depending on each cruise itinerary. Generally speaking, most of cruise trips will start at noontime, thus you should depart at 8:30 AM or ealier. If you book a seat on the shuttle bus provided by the cruise, we will pick you up from your hotel in this time range.

Tips for cruising with children in Halong Bay


It is a great experience when your family can spend time travelling together. However, travelling with children can cause some difficulties for parents. Here are some tips that parents should know when joining a cruise in Halong Bay:


  • Clothes: make sure that you bring warm clothes in the winter and comfortable clothes in the summer for the children.
  • Others: you also should bring some medicine in case your children are not fine.

Safety on board

  • The safety on board is very important, especially for children, parents should:
  • Always take notice of the children, keep them in your sight.
  • Make sure that children do not climb on the handrail or the railing on boat. Children are not allowed to stand on the bow.
  • Ask the staffs on board to show you the life vests for children.

Activities on board

Halong Bay Vietnam - Where dragons lie
Halong Bay Vietnam

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  • Children can join the activities on board like: cave visiting, kayaking, swimming or fishing village but they need their parents’ attention. Before each activity, children need to be told in advance about the safety so that they are more careful to follow the instructions.
  • Children also need to be well- equipped with life vests during all the activities.
  • The role of the tour guide and staffs on board
  • Take care more, playing and chatting with them.
  • Ask the parents if the children need to have dinner early as they need to go to bed earlier than adults.
  • Check with the parents if the menu for adults is also suitable with children; otherwise, the alternative food should be prepared.
  • Prepare some games for children.

Cua Van- Van Gia Fishing Village


Van Gia – Cua Van is situated at Hung Thang Commune, Halong City, 20km away from the tourist boat wharf, the fishing village lies in a calm bay surrounded by mountain. Cua Van Village has a population of 733 in 176 households. They mainly earn their livelihood by fishing.

There are 4 fishing villages in the World Heritage site: Ba Hang, Cua Van, Vong Vieng and Cap La with a total of 287 households and 1,283 people of which Cua Van is the largest. This is a habitat that has maintained both a tangible and intangible marine culture.

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Visiting the village, tourists have a chance to experience the villagers’ daily life as well as the traditional culture and customs of the fishermen, who live in the World Heritage Area of Halong Bay.

This makes it ideal for anchoring boats here. Their floating houses look spacious and clean. The well-off families even have tiled roof houses with radios, television sets, tables and chairs, etc.

The village boasts a training establishment for their children. Over an area of 150m2 lies four classrooms and one small room for teachers. They are the first floating classrooms in H? Long. At present, Cua Van has 7 classes, mainly in grade 1 and grade 2. The youngest pupil is 8, while the oldest one is 17.

It is interesting to see the rambunctious children going to “school”. Their bustling calling and their flopping rowing liven up the atmosphere of the quite bay. Looking at the small boats driven by tiny oars going to school, and the radiant faces of the children, one feels confident in a bright future for the fishing village.

Cua Van now has become a tourist attraction and has been present in the itinerary of almost all tourist agencies.

Festival rituals


Festivals require many compulsory rituals, which are carried out in a strict order from the preparation to the ending of a festival. In general, a festival has the following rituals:

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Statue washing rite is performed at mid-night of the day before the festival. This rite is preceded by a ceremony of water procession in some places. A ceremony to inform gods must be held prior to this statue-washing rite.

Next is the rite of wearing hats and costumes for gods’ statues or putting them in their worshipping tablets if gods have no statue. After that, the statues of gods (or worshipping tablets, even costumes) are put in the palanquin, ready for the procession on the opening of the festival.

Procession ritual: A festival often includes the procession of gods, tutelary gods, royal order and water, of which the first and fourth rite are most popular. The content and meaning of the procession ritual vary from festival to festival with regard to the object of procession, its organization and participants. The procession of gods and water processions are usually carried out prior to the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival accordingly.


Festivals, as mentioned above, are to honour holy figures, i.e. gods or divinities to whose temples and shrines are dedicated. Very often a festival takes place in the courtyard of the village’s communal house which is spacious and convenient for the conduct of liturgical processes and rejoicing activities. As such, the ritual of god procession is held along the route from their places of worship to the place of liturgy. At the end of the festival, another procession will bring gods’ statues back to their temples. After the procession ritual are the ritual of presenting offerings to gods and the opening of the festival. In many festivals, a procession of the oration dedicated to gods is held every day. Each day a different oration is used.

In traditional festivals it is required that participants in the procession ritual must be men above 18 years old who are selected carefully on the basis of their physical strength and good ethics. Women can join the procession group in such festivals as Phu Day or Ha Loi which dedicate to goddesses. Anyone who is chosen to become a member of the procession group must consider it his/her own honour and his/her family.

On its way, each procession bears its own symbol. People beat drums and gongs (formerly firecrackers were used) to signal the departure of the procession.

On the closing day of the festival, a final ritual is held with all processes required.

Cruise Halong Bay with the Legacy 3*

Cruise Halong Bay with the Legacy 3*
Cruise Halong Bay with the Legacy 3*

Day 01: Hanoi – Baitulong Bay – Surprise Cave (L/D)
07h30 – 08h00: Pick up from your hotel. Depart for Halong city through the countryside, farmlands and Red River delta.
10h15: Stopover on the way for a refreshment break
12h30: Arrive at Hongai harbor – next to Baitho (poem) mountain, check – in on the Legacy Cruise. Welcome drinks will be served.
13h00: Lunch is served while cruising through the Baitulong bay to Halong bay.
15h15: Visit splendid Surprise (Sung Sot) Cave. This is one of the most beautiful grottos in Halong bay. You will feel surprise about imposing of stalagmites, stalactites and many legend stories about that.
16h30: Time for kayaking around surprise cave area. You will have got around 45 minutes to explore halong bay and some tunnel by yourself
17h15: Back to the Legacy Cruise, cruising to Drum cave for docking and sleeping. Passing many beautiful islets on the bay: Head man’s face islet, Saddle horse islet, Fairy Lake, drum cave, Virgin cave.
Time for relaxing afternoon, make the most of sunbathing on deck. Taking picture on the way…
Enjoy the small party with fresh fruits and Vietnamese green tea.
19h00: Dinner is served in the restaurant.
21h00: Leisure time to enjoy a chat around the bar, dancing, karaoke; watch movie or ẹnjoy night fishing… Relax and spend a romantic night on board

Day 02: Baitulong Bay – Vungvieng Floating Village – Halong – Hanoi (B/L)
Start your day with Taichi exercises or a photo hunt.
07h00: Breakfast, coffee and tea and served while cruising ahead to Baitulong Bay. The route is really tranquil and islets really imposing.
08h15: Rowing small local bamboo boat (around 1 hour) to visit Vong Vieng floating fishing village. Our guide will give you some information and interesting facts about this fascinating village and its local community.
09h30: Back to Legacy boat. Take time to refresh and relax before checking out.
Keep sailing back to the Harbor through the waters and passing many beautiful islets and island on the Baitulong Bay.
10h30: Vietnamese Cooking Class.
11h00: An early lunch is served.
12h00: Arrive at the pier. Time to say goodbye to the crew
12h45: Return from Halong to Hanoi
14h30: Stopover on the way for soft break
Around 17h00: Arrive in Hanoi. Tour ends.

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Calypso legendary 4* cruise on Halong Bay

Calypso legendary 4* cruise on Halong Bay
Calypso legendary 4* cruise on Halong Bay

Day 1: Hanoi – Bai Tu Long Bay – Ha Long Bay (L/D)
08h00 – 08h30: Pick-up at hotel and start the 3 hour-and-a-half drive to Hong Gai Tourist Wharf, check in Oriental Sails private waiting hall – The OS Lounge.
12h00 – 12h30: Embark on Calypso Cruiser followed by cruise briefing.
13h00 – 15h30: Savor a delectable lunch as Calypso Cruiser cruises further along the limestone islands of Bai Tu Long Bay and pass by Oan Islet (where a sense of the film L’Indochina was shot by Paradis Film with the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve played since 1992), Teapot Islet, Monster Face Islet, Torch Islet, Dragon Islet, Porcupines Islet and then anchor at Titop Beach area.
15h30 – 16h30: Visit Titop Island to enjoy the panoramic view of Halong Bay or just relaxing and swimming at Titop Beach.
16h30 – 17h30: Get your hands on some kayaking to visit Luon Cave, a tunnel to a little bay surrounded by a mountain range.
18h00 – 22h00: Enjoy happy hour on the Sundeck with various drinks on discount, snap photos of the overview of Halong Bay as the sun starts to set.
For those who are fancy some experience in cooking Vietnamese dishes can join our brief Vietnamese cooking course on board.
Dinner is served. Socialize with other guests or just laze around. Evening activities such as: night squid fishing, karaoke, dancing are available till 22h00. Second happy hour is from 21h00 to late night. Overnight on board in a tranquil area.

Day 2: Ha Long Bay – Hanoi (B/L)
06h00 – 07h00: Start your day with morning Tai Chi, exercise or photo hunt, enjoy the fresh air with a cup of tea or coffee…
07h00 – 08h00: Have breakfast at sunrise.
08h00 – 09h15: Join a guided visit to Sung Sot Cave, also called Amazing Cave – the most beautiful and the largest cave in Ha Long Bay.
9h30 – 10h00: Check out room. Continue cruising to enjoy the magnificent nature of the world wonder.
10h30: Have lunch while cruising to Bai Tho Mountain next to the harbor.
11h30: Disembark Calypso Cruiser.
12h00 – 16h30: Transfer back to Hanoi. Trip finishes at the hotel around 16h30

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Cruise Halong Bay with the Oriental Sail

Cruise Halong Bay with the Oriental Sail
Cruise Halong Bay with the Oriental Sail

Explore Halong Bay on Oriental Sails – one cruise vessel featuring 18 deluxe cabins and one featuring 8 deluxe cabins furnished in classic Vietnamese style. This 2-day cruise into the legendary Halong Bay and a part of Bai Tu Long Bay includes various activities that will indeed provide a truly unique experience. It’s all terrific!
Day 1: Hanoi – Bai Tu Long Bay – Halong Bay (L/D)
08h00 – 08h30: Pick-up at hotel and start the 3 hour-and-a-half drive to Hong Gai Tourist Wharf, check in Oriental Sails JSC’s private waiting hall – The OS Lounge.
12h00 – 12h30: Embark on Oriental Sails followed by cruise briefing.
13h00 – 15h30: Savor a delectable lunch as Oriental Sails cruises further along the limestone islands of Bai Tu Long Bay and pass by Oan Islet (where a sense of the film L’Indochina was shot by Paradis Film with the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve played since 1992), Teapot Islet, Monster Face Islet, Torch Islet, Dragon Islet, Porcupines Islet and then anchor at Titop beach area.
15h30 – 17h30: Visit Amazing Cave for an hour and then return to the main boat to prepare for kayaking along the hidden parts of the bay.
17h30 – 18h00: Get your hands on some kayaking to visit Luon Cave, a tunnel to a little bay surrounded by a mountain range.
18h00 – 19:00: Return to Oriental Sails and have bath then relax as the sun starts to set.
Enjoy the Happy Hour at the bar and on the sun deck or join a Vietnamese cooking lesson with our chef.
19h00: Dinner is served. Socialize with other guests, night squid fishing or just laze around. Singing and dancing activities are available till 22h00.
21h00: Have second Happy Hour till late evening. Overnight on board.

Day 2: Halong Bay – Hanoi (B/L)
06h30 – 07h00: Start your day with Tai Chi exercise on the sundeck.
07h00 – 09h00: Have breakfast at sunrise. Visit Titop Island: climb up to mountain’s peak to enjoy the panoramic views of Halong Bay and swimming at the beach.
09h30: Check-out room. Luggage can be delivered to the reception area.
09h30 – 11h00: Head back to the Harbor. Have early lunch on boat. Disembark Oriental Sails at around 12h00.
12h00 – 16h30: Transfer back to Hanoi and trip finishes at the hotel around 16h30

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Saigon Halong Hotel

Saigon Halong Hotel
Saigon Halong Hotel
Official Description (provided by the hotel)
Saigon Halong Hotel is one of the biggest 4 star hotel in Halong Bay with 228 rooms. Hotel has 5 Villas out side the main building and 205 rooms in the main 15 story splendid building including 88 Superior rooms overlooking the mountains, 104 Deluxe rooms and 12 Executive Suites with balcony overlooking the Halong Bay.



The room and facilities were very good here. The bed was comfortable, the internet worked well, the room was clean and the pool was fine. However, the staff lacked in friendliness and being helpful. I twice e mailed them an item to print out and this was not done. The tour info girl had no maps or knowledge of public

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Hotel is quite nice but very far from anything worth seeing. The hotel itself is quiet but local business plays very loud disturbing music all night long. The tour booking in hotel is very overpriced. Most staff can speak english well. Staff was helpful, food was very simple yet good.

The hotel with see view, normal breakfast, small swimming pool. A little bit far away from beach that you can swim. The most thing I like about this hotel is have see view from above. I can access 14 Level, there is a panorama restaurant that can see the hole Halongbay

Just got back from our stay at the siagon ha long hotel with my wife and a friend for four nights. We arrived, and having booked two garden villas, within minutes realized we had made a mistake in booking these rooms.They were not very welcoming at all, very small and no view.We didn’t even take our bags into the room

Muong Thanh Ha Long Hotel

Muong Thanh Ha Long Hotel
Muong Thanh Ha Long Hotel



We arrived to the hotel later than expected, though the friendly staff greeted us warmly and made sure we were welcomed. Our room was on the 30th floor overlooking Halong Bay and was lovely. It was large, clean, and had all the comforts we needed.

I stayed at this hotel for 01 night in Jun 2015. The room is big, clean and comfortable (It looks new).There are 4 elevators to cover over 20 floors but it takes a lot of time to get one to go up or down, some time they comes at the same time. Besides, I was not impressed by their staff.

Stayed 2 nights. Pros: 1. Rooms are well renovated. 2. The road in front of the hotel is quite compared to average Vietnam roads. 3. Near to local night food stalls. 4. Near to the cruise jetty. Cons: 1. A 2-3 star hotel. 2. Internet is very very slow… Excuse “sharks bites the cable” 3.