Soi Sim Islet


Soi Sim Islet is an soil island 400 m away from Ti Top Island, and 7-8 km from the Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. In the island there are many ancient trees.

The island has been existed about hundred of million years ago and surrounded by the sea then there are endemic plants, according to researchers.

Soi Sim Island

The name of Soi Sim derived from the ancient story that there were a lot of tomentose rose myrtle alive at the island then the local people called it Soi Sim.

The Halong Bay Management Board is going to build a system of guesthouses equipped with modern facilities. At present, a small beach has been improved and upgraded, adding more charm to the attractive holiday resort.

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Coming to Soi Sim Islet, tourists will be impressed by peaceful ambiance and natural beauty of green primeval forest and blue sea. There are two charming beaches on the island with white sand and clear seawater. These are the preferred beaches of tourists on the holiday on Halong Bay. Moreover, from the top of the hills on Soi Sim Islet, tourists will have great views to the spectacular scenery of Halong Bay.


Recently, Soi Sim Islet is received more regards in developing tourism. Halong Bay Management Board set up a plan to planning the island to be an eco-tourist site which brings both economic interest and value of preservation. In the near future, Soi Sim Islet will become an attractive holiday resort right in the center of Halong Bay, the World Natural Heritage.