Sea Urchin


Sea urchin is one of a kind seafood that has high nutritional value and beneficial effects on health. Sea urchin is also known as the name “ca ghim”, it is a specialty and can be found mostly in Van Hai island. The people in Van Hai Islands andd Quan Lan make different dishes such as sea urchin with tomato sauce and sea urchin soup. On your Halong itinerary, do not forget to visit the Quan Lan by speedboat to explore beaches and enjoy eating sea urchin.

Sea urchin soup
Sea urchin soup

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Summer is the season to collect sea urchin

Season of urchin reproduction and development is from March until June or July according to lunar calendar (from spring equinox weather and ended up collecting more). Especially at the end of the season, it produces urchin meat. When small, urchin-like rambutan, black dark and while growing up, urchins are round flattened, 8-10 cm in diameter; 3-4 cm. When all sizes are large urchin with orange fruit but up and about 3 fingers thick.

Sea urchin
Sea urchin

Various Dishes From Sea Urchin

Sea urchin is also used to cook porridge and other kinds of nutritious soup.  Sea urchin soup is the dish that most of travelers choose when visiting Quan Lan. Savory soup scented with white rice grains, yellow urchin, green scallions, blended together to create an extraordinary flavor stimulate the taste of all customers. Just a spoonful of porridge urchin, you will feel the original taste of sea. In addition to soup, grilled urchin with onion is also appealing. Grilled urchin delicious that you can’t fail to miss it.


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