Things to do in Halong Bay

Halong Bay
Halong Bay


This is the best way for you to explore the breathtaking scenery in Halong Bay with the six hundred square miles of paradise in the north East of Vietnam, offer the visitor many exciting opportunities to discover the mysterious haven in there. Kayaking is very popular in Halong and attracts a lot of travelers all over the world. It is considered as a must-do if you really want to adventure Halong Bay wholeheartedly.


>> Things to do in Halong Bay

Rock Climbing

Halong Bay is one of the most scenically beautiful place on earth with 3000 limestone cliff, many of which rise in the water. It is worth exploring especially for those who are interested in adventurous sports.

Scuba Diving

With the diverse coral reef and ecosystem, scuba diving will become a favorite activity for tourist. This is a unique opportunity to cruise and dive through one of the world’s great natural wonders in style and comfort. Joining to scuba diving, you will have chance to experience the feeling of conquering the natural beauty and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and tranquility undersea.

Squid Fishing

Beside the exciting activities during daylight hours, let take part in Squid Fishing to undergo the mysterious night in Halong Bay. This is particular interesting for the group of friends or family. Just experience yourself as a fisherman and enjoy the achievements from the fishing. Boat service will be pleased to cook your dinner with the squids and fish captured.

squid fishing
squid fishing


Halong Bay has not only beautiful beaches and limestone but also peaceful islands which are waiting for you to explore by bicycle. Imagine you are cycling along the beaches or fishing villages, and enjoy the light of stunning sunset. It is really awesome.


It is wonderful if you can enjoy clear and blue water of Ha long Bay, play with waves and build sand castle or simply just lying on the beaches and enjoying the tropical sunlight. You can enjoy the best services in luxury cruises. When you visit here, many things to do in Halong Bay.